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Client Testimonials 

"The hypnosis session was very therapeutic and well executed...The deep state of relaxation...I haven't felt this in like over a decade.  Even now when I have daily stresses they don't take me under and I can manage them and shake them off much easier than before."

~H. S.


"I had an extremely positive experience. Carrie provided a really safe, trusting and comfortable environment to guide me through the process. I felt she really listened deeply to me, cared about me, and also felt confident enough to guide and refine my statements to assure that they hit on what I was intending. I am looking forward to suggesting it to loved ones and booking another appointment with Carrie in the future."

~A. C.

"Carrie's sessions provide opportunities to drop effortlessly into a place of heightened awareness that feels multidimensional. I would recommend her services to those who wish to explore an alternate pathway into their consciousness within an environment that feels safe, supported, and geared entirely to individual experience."

~N. G.

"This was my first experience with hypnotherapy and it exceeded my expectations. I felt safe, seen, and heard throughout the process leading up to the first hypnotherapy session. Thank you Carrie, for taking such good care of me!"

~B. J.

"Carrie was so calming and professional. She wrote a script that really helped get to the core of several issues I wanted to work through. Carrie was able to distill several areas of focus and framed them in a way that helped me approach my challenges with calm, self-compassion. This was my first time getting hypnotized, and it has been fascinating and so helpful to gain access to this form of relaxation and goal-setting. The hypnosis recording Carrie made for me has been key in continuing to work on these issues by myself at home."

~L. B.

"You create a very loving, supportive, safe space. This was a very relaxing, beautifully imaginative, guided journey that revealed something very significant to my life and well being. I felt that a healing took place. There had been a physical shift in my body by the end of the journey."

~S. L.

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