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I facilitate individual sessions, groups and workshops with emphasis on teaching tools for self-healing and self-understanding that you can apply in your inner work. I provide a safe container for connecting to the inner self through imagination, reflection, and intuition. 




 "For self is a sea, boundless and measureless."

-Kahlil Gibran


I incorporate guided imagery and meditation into most of my sessions and groups. I enjoy helping others bring accessible meditative practices into their lives and experience for themselves the benefits that will come. 

"Carrie's been a valuable resource on my journey, sitting squarely in my blindspot and weakest area around intuition, deep internal listening, and self-compassion. Carrie's intuitive and creative interventions help me pause, sense into imagery, connect deeply with what my mind, heart, and spirit all need." ~A. C. 

Full Moon

Dreams can be an amazing source of insight and creativity, offering a rich avenue of dialogue with the inner self. I've been a lover of dreams since childhood. Working with my own dreams and participating in group dreamwork is an important part of my personal practice and inner work. I also facilitate dream sharing circles and individual sessions to guide others in connecting with and learning from their dreams.


I am currently enrolled in a year-long certification program in Embodied Experiential Dreamwork. I follow the ethical principles and guidelines of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, of which I am a member. 

"Participating in the group has allowed me to step into the realm of dreams and make it a part of my everyday / night consciousness. I have started to put my intention on remembering my dreams and opening to the messages they offer. This has become a tool I am using in my soul work and healing... Thank you for holding a safe, non-judgmental and open space to explore this expression of our subconscious."  ~ P. L.


I incorporate a variety of tools in my sessions, based on the intentions and unique situation of each person or group. I am continually evolving in my approach as I grow and learn in my practice.

Sessions may include dreamwork, parts work (dialoguing with and befriending our inner parts), somatic inquiry, self-hypnosis tools, and creative expression. I also support clients in developing intuition through visualization, embodied imagination, and awareness of the energy body. The intention of all of these tools is to cultivate and expand mind-body-spirit awareness.

"Carrie has made a huge difference in my life. Through guided meditation, hypnosis, and SoulCollage®, she has helped me deal with different traumas in my life. Carrie is easy to talk to and I know she cares. She made me feel comfortable right away during our first session. Her thoughtfulness in the questions she asks and her intuitiveness have helped me overcome some real issues that I have been dealing with for many years. With the recordings she has made for me for hypnosis and guided meditation, I am able to use these tools when I need them. They are always there to help me." ~J.C.

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