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What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a creative process which develops intuition and self-awareness. SoulCollage® explores personal and collective imagery through the process of making collage cards which are unique to you and can be consulted for personal guidance.  


The SoulCollage® method was developed by psychotherapist Seena Frost in the late 1980's, and has since evolved into a global community and shared practice. Drawing from Jungian psychology, it is a supportive way to express and dialogue with the many parts of your inner world. Learn more at



SoulCollage® for Creative Self-inquiry

Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” ~Alice

SoulCollage® cards hold the energies of your inner parts (the many faces of your psyche), big-picture archetypes that play out in your life, humans and non-humans who are important to you, and aspects of collective experience and community.


The SoulCollage® process is flexible, adaptable, and accessible, whether or not you consider yourself an"artist." It can be enjoyed in as simple a form as creating a single collage, or building an ever-expanding card deck of evolving themes and images. A SoulCollage® deck is like a visual theater, where each character finds a costume and a voice to step into your consciousness and deliver their often surprising messages. The integration of left and right brain processing brings synchronicity and new perspectives into awareness.

"The only difference between the wise man and the fool is that the wise man knows he is playing." ~Fritz Perls


What I Offer

I was introduced to SoulCollage® in 2016, and I trained as a facilitator with Catherine Anderson in 2020. I love how this practice combines my interests in inner work, the creative process, and symbolic imagery. 

As a SoulCollage® facilitator, I also bring skills from my social work background in facilitation of therapeutic and community groups.  Contact me if you want to collaborate, or to find a way to bring SoulCollage® into a group with which you are involved.

I currently offer a monthly, drop-in Zoom group. Please email me if you'd like to receive notifications about my SoulCollage® groups and events.


"Carrie's SoulCollage® workshop felt like a gift from my intuition and the universe. I'd been looking for a way to express myself creatively and tap into my inherent wisdom and this was the perfect conduit." ~A.H.

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