Payment Options  

My intention is to offer services at a cost that is sustainable for me while being flexible to accommodate diverse financial circumstances -  in other words, a mutually balanced exchange of energy.  


For each service, I have listed a suggested price. If you are able to pay this amount without financial strain, please consider doing so.


Alternative Payment Options:

If the suggested price is not within your means, please ask me about my sliding scale options. I am also willing to offer a bundled rate for multiple sessions. We can discuss payment options in an initial free consultation in order to determine an arrangement that is workable for you. In some circumstances, I will consider alternative payment such as trades.

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Price of Services 

For questions or to discuss your individual needs, please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.

(Introductory Package)

$160   ($80 each session for interview + hypnosis)


An initial hypnotherapy package includes a 2 sessions - a clinical interview (this is a 1-hour in-depth exploration of your situation, goals and co-creating suggestions for your script), an individually scripted hypnotherapy session (approximately 45 minutes), and an mp4 audio recording of your session to listen to at home.

I believe hypnotherapy is most effective when scripts are highly personalized and when we have taken the time to to understand your situation and prepare you for the hypnosis session. My rate takes into account the hypnosis session itself in addition to the preparation for an effective session - which means an in-depth interview and a personalized script created uniquely for your situation.


(follow up
/ multiple sessions)

Follow-up sessions or updates to a previous script that don't require a complete second interview can be offered for a lower rate. In some circumstances, I can offer you a bundled rate for multiple sessions. Because each situation is unique, these rates are determined based on the circumstances.  I will work with you to determine the best option for your situation.


1 hour guidance sessions: $65  

/ 30-minute Tarot Readings: $40

Individual Guidance Sessions include Tarot, Dreamwork, Guided Imagery, and consultation for self-healing. Ask me about my sliding scale if needed.

Pro-Bono Sessions ~
Self-Care for Helpers

I have dedicated one free self-care session/month for someone working to addresses trauma, societal injustice or ecological crisis. This is intended for those working in areas such as mental health, public education, social work, activism, caregiving, or other service-oriented activities, who are experiencing burnout or stress and would benefit from the financial assistance of a free session. This is a one-time offering per individual.

Groups & Workshops

Priced as advertised. I can offer customized workshops upon request.

If you are in need of alternative payment options for a workshop, contact me directly.

Inner Landscapes Healing